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Session Guitar Players / Guitarists available in the UK for session work, studio work, or other such guitar work.

It is worth contacting a particular guitarist to establish whether they are suited to rythm guitar, lead guitar, or an all singing all dancing guitarist. Also bear in mind if you want a electric or acoustic guitarist.

Adam Threlfall - WebsiteAdam Threlfall
London based session guitarist available for Live Gigs and Studio Recording, amongst other services.
Website: Adam Threlfall - Email:

Gareth Moulton - WebsiteGareth Moulton
Manchester born and based session guitarist, who has toured with big name acts.
Website: Gareth Moulton - Email:

John Wallace - WebsiteJohn Wallace
Pro session guitarist based in London. Available for recording and songwriting sessions, deps, live gigs and tours.Great equipment and experience in all styles from rock to hip hop.The right guitar part every time!
Website: John Wallace - Email:

Tim Scott - WebsiteTim Scott
Guitarist available for session work. Also a composer, producer and guitar teacher.
Website: Tim Scott - Email:

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